Piano Consulting

If you are considering buying a piano, new or used and are not familiar with intricacies of the prized percussion instrument, then perhaps it’s a good idea to hire a professional piano consultant like Tony at Specialized Piano Moving Ottawa.

Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa is a piano contractor who knows everything piano. This local Ottawa business is your one stop shop for piano tuning, piano refinishing, piano repairs, piano moving, piano appraisals and now available is piano consulting.

Whether you are looking to buy uprights, grands, concert grands, organs or baby grands, Tony can help you find the best possible deal and even help you get it home after. The best part about hiring a professional consultant when buying a piano is that you can get a quote for piano refinishing, tuning and cleaning before you buy the instrument.

Did you know that your Piano Consultant can also get your piano from its current home to your residence for a reasonable fee? Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa offer affordable piano moving services and you can arrange this all at the time of purchase for added convenience and reduced hassle and cost.

Don’t overpay for a piano again, instead hire a professional piano consultant to help you get a fair price. Call or Text Tony today at 613-400-6195.