Ottawa Piano Tuning

Ottawa Piano Tuning

If you are a music lover who enjoys the sounds of crisp musical notes from playing a finely tuned instrument, then you know how distracting and disruptive the notes from a piano out of tune can be. Did you know that this is something that can be easily fixed? That’s right, for a very reasonable fee, Specialized Piano Movers can come to your home and perform onsite tuning. The service is professional and guaranteed plus the piano tuner is an expert as bringing back your instrument to its former glory.

Standard Piano Tuning Service

Our standard piano tuner service involves tuning of pianos that have been tuned within the last five years and is within 8 cents from A440. We tune aurally or with the tune lab program A440 ( concert pitch ) unless the age of your piano prevents us from bringing it to this modern musical standard. We also tune your piano to other specifications if you have another preference. As an added value, we also clean the inside of the piano with a vacuum to remove piano dust, dirt and sediment.

Specialized Piano Tuning Service

Our specialized piano tuner service is performed on piano’s that have not had tuning done in the last five years. These pianos are usually more than 8 cents flat or sharp and involves pitch raise. We tune aurally or with the tune lab program A440 ( concert pitch ) unless you specify otherwise or your piano is too old to be tuned to the modern pitch standard. We recommend getting another piano tuning within three months after this service for best results.

We provide tuning service to all makes and models and brands including:

Types of Pianos



Grand Pianos

Player Pianos

Digital Pianoa

Pump Organs

Forte Pianos



Piano Brands


Kohler & Campbell

Gerhard Heintzman


Mason & Risch




Ottawa Piano Tuning
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