Used Piano Appraisals

Piano Appraisals for Insurance Coverage & Peace of Mind

When you are looking to find that magic number to put on insurance policies for your prized pianos, trust the piano appraisal experts at Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa. Anthony Yerly, an owner operator with years of experience buying, selling and appraising pianos in the Central Ottawa and surrounding areas is here to help. Not only is the piano appraisal pricing affordable, but the service and scheduling is convenient and very often,  can be done within a day or two notice. Don’t be fooled by slippery appraisers who specialize in other instruments or equipment and do piano value estimates on the side. Choose a piano appraisal contractor who knows pianos costs, value and replacement cost inside and out.

Some of the factors that come into play when determining the value of your prized piano is:

  • Type of Piano, name, age, serial, model, size and brand name.
  • Condition of Piano for tuning including whether it will hold a tune and whether it can hold modern pitch standards.
  • Has the piano’s temperament been maintained at A440, concert pitch?
  • What is the current condition of the piano’s pin block? And of what quality is that sound board?
  • Is the piano due for regulating? Of what quality and condition is the Piano’s “action”. This also covers the piano’s condition for playing and performing, otherwise coined as “the piano’s playability” This qwill also determine how much work is involved to get into playing condition.
  • Service Records including whether the piano has been serviced regularly during its life and how often It has been tuned.
  • Original purchase price is always considered to help compare it to new piano’s in the market and their prices, Along side other factors, we start to find its true and present value.
  • If the piano has been restored or not and if so, the receipts from that piano restoration;
  • The cosmetics of the piano and how good it looks on the outside.

It is worth noting that even pianos with no service records and pianos that are in poor condition can still hold value. If there is a history of the piano where someone famous owned or played this piano that can increase its value. Or if the piano was produced in a limited production run or with certain ornate details that are hard to find or are not available on newer models. The true test of the value of a piano is really shown by what someone is willing to pay for it at auction or in market conditions but the best guess of a skilled appraiser can be very beneficial for accurate insurance reporting and to ensure that your belongings are covered sufficiently should a total loss occur at your residence.

Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa is a piano appraisal contractor that knows piano’s inside and out. Anthony Yerly or “Tony” is an owner operator who brings years of piano experience to the Ottawa, ON area and is skilled in piano tuning, piano consulting, piano moving and can even refinish your piano as well. Why trust a company that only does piano value assessments on the side, when you can have the expert advice of a piano enthusiast to determine the value of your piano carefully and accurately for a reasonable fee. Call or text Tony to get your piano appraisal quote today at 613-400-6195 or [email protected] .