Piano Tuning

Things to know about Piano Tuning.

Why Does My Piano Go Out of Tune?

A piano simply needs Piano Tuning just like your car simply needs oil changes. There are several factors that cause a piano to go out of tune.


Regular Piano Playing


If you are someone who plays the piano daily, then you might not notice as is it goes out of tune. However, it’s very common for this to happen as playing it causes a gentle strain on the strings. We recommend piano tuning every six months to keep your string instrument in the best possible pitch.




Did you know that a piano holds up to twenty-two tons of tension when its strings are pulled to pitch? With all that tension, your piano is slowly becoming out of tune. Well built and cared for piano’s will release tension slower than others.


Piano Humidity


In our bi-polar Ottawa climate, we experience big humidity changes from season to season. In a more humid season, your strings are stretched tighter and in the drier seasons they have a bit more slack. Newer pianos have humidity control devices which help, but you should still have your piano tuned once to twice a year to maintain pitch.


Piano Temperature


Just as the Ottawa, Ontario humidity changes so does the temperature. When the mercury dial dips or temperature rises, it changes the tension of your strings and can cause your piano to be out of tune, especially if this is happening frequently. For example, if you have your piano in front of a window with direct sunlight, the temperature during the time of day when the sun shines in is going to be vastly different than the evening when everyone is asleep. For this reason, we recommend keeping your piano out of direct sunlight and keep your thermostat on in the room if you have the piano near an outside wall where it more susceptible to temperature changes.


Piano Moving


If you hire professional piano movers to transport your beloved music maker, then you are taking a step in the right direction. A Piano move avoiding stairs and handled by Piano Moving Specialists will at the very most disturb the piano string unison’s. After which, only a fine tuning is needed if it is a properly maintained piano. Even the most professional piano moving company must physically lift and move your piano, which can and does end up in changes in pitch. Especially if stairs where involved. We recommend letting your piano sit for two to 4 weeks in the new home to allow for it to adjust to the new climate before getting a professional piano tuner to come and bring it to pitch.


When does my piano need tuning?


Piano players of any skill level should have a piano tuning performed at least once every six months. And regardless of whether the piano is played or not, once a year is the BARE MINIMUM! Failure to do so can greatly reduce the life expectancy of your piano.