Piano moving preparation.

Piano moving preparation.

Piano moving preparation focuses on safety, accessibility and communication. Following the advice i give in this article can save you time, money, and a lot of grief. As a professional piano mover, i am thrilled you are taking the time to read up on piano moving.

Safety Precautions.

Children and pets. As cute as they are, they still pose a safety risk as they can be very distracting to the movers. It is best to keep them occupied in a separate part of the house while the move is taking place.

Winter time piano moving can be very dangerous. If you are expecting piano movers, have a shovel and salt/sand ready. As a courtesy, it is best to have outdoor paths clear of ice and snow, or possibly provide the movers with the means to clear a path and lay salt down. Keep in mind that if the movers have to spend a long period of time clearing snow on your property, unless agreed upon before the job started, expect extra charges.


From the road to the front door and strait to the piano, the path needs to be clear for the piano move. And if the hallways are narrow, anything hanging from the walls should be removed. If you hire a professional piano moving company such as ourselves, we will arrive with protective materials for the piano, and for the floors as well. Therefore, please do not lay down any carpet, linens, plastic, or cardboard in the path leading to the piano from the front door. All this does is cause a safety hazard and impede accessibility. It is only a waste of time because the first thing the piano movers will do is remove everything off the floor and use their own protective material designed for this specific use.

***plywood sheets are OK, but again, do not lay them down before asking the movers if its needed.


While booking the piano move, be as accurate as possible and answer truthfully. If you are unsure, that’s OK, just say so. The piano moving company will understand if you don’t have all the necessary information and will help you the best they can. Try to have all parties involved with the piano move follow the advice I’ve given you. Try to provide your movers with contact information for both the pick up and drop off locations so they can effectively communicate.

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