Learning The Piano Keyboard

Learning the piano keyboard.

Learning the piano keyboard is easier than you think. sure there are 88 keys, but only 12 notes (whole notes = white keys, sharps/flats = black keys) repeated in 8 octaves. Each octave starts in C and ends in B. Every C on the piano keyboard is the first white key before any (PAIR) of black keys, not to be mixed up with the three black keys in between each pair.  From the first white key before any pair of black keys, you can count the whole notes of each white key from left to right as so: C D E F G A B, and the next white key is C, and you are now one octave higher. (octave being a complete set of musical notes, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti labeled in the same order as C D E F G A B. Its that easy.

Here are some illustrations to help clarify this information.
Learning the piano keyboard whole notes

As mentioned earlier, just about any piano you will come across has 8 octaves. Ever heard someone mention middle C. Middle C is the start of the Piano’s 4th Octave and middle Octave. Therefore middle C is commonly labeled as C4. CDEFGAB or Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do are the whole notes (white keys) of every octave in the piano. The black keys are considered sharps of the whole note (white key) to their left: C sharp D sharp F sharp G sharp and A sharp. They are also considered flats of the whole note to there right: D flat E flat G flat A flat and B Flat. There is no B sharp, C flat, E sharp or F flat.
Learning the piano keyboard octaves. C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8

Next Up, Ill share some tips on reading piano sheet music.

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