Ottawa Piano Movers

Ottawa Piano Movers

Piano Moving, Tuning, And Consulting. Furniture Moving Too!

We also sell used piano's Call to find out what we have in stock.


We offer Flexible Scheduling. We use Industry standard piano moving equipment. We protect the piano, floors and your property while operating. We are fully insured.


After each piano move, our knowledgeable staff offer a free assessment of the piano. The assessment will cover the piano's current condition regarding tuning, regulating, and sound quality. We can also advise as to restoration methods and repair options if needed.


Every piano move is different. Each one is priced according to certain factors, mainly distance and difficulty. The information you provide while booking a piano move determines the price of the move. It is important to be as accurate as possible so that the piano movers arrive properly prepared for your unique piano moving situation.


Here’s a list of the basic and most important info needed. Try to have all of it ready when you call:

1 Address of both pick up and drop off location.

2 Style of piano (upright or grand)

3 Know if there any obstacles at either location such as tight angle turns, narrow doors, stair cases…

4 If dealing with lots of stairs, it is very important to have the dimensions of the piano. Specifically the height for an upright, and the length for a grand piano.


NEW SERVICE: Piano Consulting

For a small hourly rate, one of our piano specialists accompanies you while shopping for pianos. This service is very beneficial to shoppers with minimal knowledge of how to test a piano for tonality and regulation. A piano specialist can explain to you if and why a piano would be a great buy or maybe it needs to be serviced or repaired, or maybe the piano is simply not worth the headache. Done get stuck with a 600lb paperweight, hire a piano specialist to consult in piano purchasing. Call 613-400-6195 and ask for more details. Best part is, you can save up to 50% on your piano move by combining it with the consultation.


For more information about our services, as well as great tips on hiring piano movers, and piano's in general, Call or Text:

Anthony @ 613-400-6195


Ottawa Piano Movers
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