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Piano Movers Ottawa

Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa is ready to move your piano day or night. And if you have comments or you loved our service so much that you need to tell the world. Head on over to the “Customer Reviews” page also accessible from the main menu. Under topics, you will also find a “playing the piano” section. There will be much more to come but in the mean time we have added an easy to follow guide on “learning the piano keyboard” which will come in handy if you want to check the tune of a piano.

piano movers ottawa team moving a 7' Grand piano from one room to another so new floors could be installed. Before booking piano movers, there is some very basic information that you should have ready before hand. Best to visit our “Moving Piano’s” section from the main menu under ” Topics ” for great info and tips on dealing with piano movers. You will also find steps you can take to “prepare for piano movers” before they arrive to ensure a safe and efficient piano move. Our photo gallery of piano’s we have moved and our piano movers in action can also be found under topics > Moving Piano’s > Piano “Moving Photos”. Or you can find them by scrolling through our facebook page located on the right side of your screen. (desktop browser only). When you are ready to book piano movers. We have a very fast and easy to use “Online Estimate Form”, which can be reached from the main menu.

New service available from Specialized Piano Movers Ottawa to better serve our customers. Ask us about Piano Consulting. If you are shopping around for a new piano, a second hand piano, and especially those famous kijiji freebies. We can help. Choosing a piano is difficult if you do not have any technical insight to the inner workings of a piano. Our piano specialists can help you make an informed and educated decision so you don’t end up with a very nice looking 900lb paper weight.